Obama Joker Socialism Poster

Order Obama Joker Posters - 12x18"


The poster depicting Barack Obama as the Joker has been showing up in cities across the country for months. It seems as if every time we get closer to becoming a socialized nation more and more posters appear. Most recently, following the increased pressure from President Obama to pass heath care reform, the Obama posters were spotted around LA and made headlines across the country. The image is simple, President Obama made-up as the infamous Joker. "Socialism" beneath it.

What does it mean? Is Obama joking around with taxpayer's money? Is nationalized health care too close to socialism? Many believe it is, and they are pouring out in huge numbers to town hall meetings to express their outrage.

If you are fed up with the attempts to convert the country to socialism, we have the poster for you. Order a few Obama Joker posters today and you too can be "politically mean spirited and dangerous" as LA's Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson says.

4x6" Obama Joker Bumper Stickers
Sticks pretty much everywhere, won't damage most surfaces.



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